• Traditional Dental Insurance:

    • Annual family premiums may be as high as $1,600 (that’s over $130 per month)
    • Annual deductibles as high as $150
    • Co-insurance payments as high as 50% of the dentist’s charges (you are paying this cost with no reimbursement)
    • Annual maximum benefit of $1,000 per insured (when you really need coverage for high cost major care-this stops paying)

    Now here is the secret that dental insurance companies do not want you to know.
    Many individuals realize that they are better off putting the dental insurance premium dollars into a savings account and asking their dentist for a cash discount. Pay for your dental needs when and if you need work done and you will likely have savings at the end of the year still in your account. Most will have a considerable amount in savings after a five year period because they do not get a great deal of dental work done.
    What does make good financial sense when selecting an individual dental and vision plan?
    In our opinion, QCD of America Individual Dental and Vision plan, makes good financial sense.
    Let’s look at an example and the math makes this point clear.

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