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Group Dental | WHITE Plan


  • Highest Dental Benefit Level on the Market
  • Pay for Services per Reduced Fee Schedule – 20-50% Savings
  • All General Dentist Charges by Code Reimbursed 100% After DeductibleADA Code are reimbursed at 100% after deductible
  • Represents 93% of Claims – Includes Major Services
  • $50/$150 Deductible
  • No Coverage Maximum – $1,500 Reimbursement Maximum
  • No Waiting Periods or Frequency limitations
  • Othodontia for Adults/Children
  • Discount Vision Included

White plan

Get Your Co-Pay Reimbursed... 100% in Most Cases

The WHITE Dental & Vision Benefit Plan

The QCD WHITE plan offers the highest level of coverage available at costs lower than traditional dental plans. This program combines the advantages of the QCD Managed Cost Program with a Scheduled Insurance Plan.

The QCD WHITE Plan features:

  • The Highest Benefit Level on the Market
  • 100% Reimbursement for All General Dentist Procedures Listing by ADA Code in the Fee Schedule
  • No Waiting Periods
  • Includes Cosmetic Procedures
  • Out-of-Network Benefits Available
  • Orthodontics for Adults and Children
  • Fast and Easy Claims Processing
  • “Simple Savings” Vision Benefits for Members through Davis Vision at No Additional Cost
  • “Enhanced” Vision Program Available Through Davis Vision (additional cost)

Sample rates are for QCD Direct Clients.
Classes I, II & III: Gold and lab fees are additional and are not reimbursed by the insurance plan. Out-of-pocket costs will vary if specialty care dentists are used.
The QCD WHITE Plan combines the QCD Managed Cost RED Plan (not an insurance plan) and a Scheduled Insurance Plan provided by American National Life Insurance Company of Texas (ANICO), Home Office: Galveston, Texas – Administrative services are provided by Direct Care Administrators  Services, Inc., Home Office: Houston, Texas