• QCD Red Plan:

    • Annual QCD Individual Dental and Vision Plan Membership for a family is only $206 if you enroll online (Less than $20 per month)
    • You have realized large annual savings in premiums when compared to dental insurance that will pay for a great deal of dental work!
    • No deductible to pay and no annual maximum of coverage. You get first dollar coverage from day one and it is there when you need the major work done.
    • You pay for all services according to a reduced schedule saving approximately 20-50% at time of service.
    • Orthodontics (braces) are included for adults and children.
    • Discount vision benefit included at no additional cost.

    Our philosophy is simple and transparent:

    • The QCD Individual Plan member pays a low monthly cost.
    • The member pays for services when and if they are needed and saves approximately 20-50% at time of service with no maximums.
    • The QCD Individual Plan is simple and makes good financial sense for the member.

    if you have questions or need our assistance in your evaluation, please contact us at:

    QCD Individual Plan Department
    972.726.0444 or 1.800.229.0304

    or e-mail us at Individual Enrollment

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