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Group Dental Plan Value Options

The QCD All-American Program offers four distinct choices providing the best dental benefit value in the industry: RED, RED PLUS, WHITE and BLUE.

  • Red Plan

    Low Cost – High Value

    Pay according to reduced Fee Schedule- Approximately 20-50% savings

    Network Only
  • Red Plus

    Low Cost – High Value

    All of the benefits of the Red Plan plus 100% reimbursement for limited preventative services

    Network Only
  • White Plan

    Highest Benefit Level in the Market

    100/100/100 In-Network  Reimbursed per Fee schedule

  • Blue Plan


    Use Any Dentist

    No Network

More Dental Plan Choices at Enrollment

The QCD Dental Benefits Program offers up to four (4) choices for employees at time of enrollment. Each choice is designed to satisfy the particular needs of individual employees with regards to monthly premium cost, dentist selection and out-of-pocket cost!

The Highest Dental Benefit Levels Available

Each plan has its own level of benefits. The WHITE plan, in particular, is a unique program featuring no waiting periods and 100% coverage for the vast majority of services – including major services!

Value Pricing for Your Organization and Employees

The QCD Dental Benefits Program offers extremely low costs, especially when compared to traditional dental insurance plans, providing employees with the greatest value for their dollar!