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The Dental & Vision Benefit Plan | QCD of America

The QCD of America® management team designed the dental benefit program based on the following facts relating to the delivery of dental benefits:

  • The risk in delivering dental benefits is of a non-catastrophic nature.
  • The majority of the population accesses limited dental services.

Our Testimonials

  • San Antonio Police & Firefighters

    “QCD plan has been great for our folks. The WHITE plan is the best out there. We have had others try to replace QCD and we will not let that happen. The service is great!”

    Member Testimonials
  • Toubin Insurance Agency, Inc.

    “QCD plan functions well for employees. Have had no complaints from employees in the three years we’ve offered the plans. Really like the WHITE plan.”

    Sophia Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, QCD Client since 2009
  • M & M Contracting

    “Plan works well. Service is great. No complaints.”

    Kathy Thomas, Payroll/HR Executive, QCD Client since 2007
  • Frontier Enterprises

    “All is good with our plans and the service department is really good to work with!”

    Janice Otman, Insurance Department, QCD Client since 2009
  • Reaching Maximum Independence

    “Plan works great for employees. Have not had complaints. Customer service is fast and always good. I would recommend to other companies.”

    Ruth Rideout, Office Manager, QCD Client since 2007
  • Bexar County

    “We have had QCD for over 7 years; two 3 year contracts and are on our third contract. The plans give good cost options for employees and we really like the WHITE plan. The service is great!”

    Rita Campos, Benefits Manager, QCD Client since 2004
  • Texas Farm Bureau

    “We have been very happy with QCD products. The service is really fast and complete when we have needs! We especially like the WHITE plan.”

    Penny Anderson, Assistant Director, QCD Client since 2006
  • Lindsey Contractors, Inc.

    “Employees are very happy with choices and especially like the WHITE plan. The service is always fast and you take care of our business!”

    Margaret Munro, Benefits Manager, QCD Client since 2005
  • Baylor University

    “Employees like the plan. Fits the needs of those that cannot afford their higher priced, self-funded plan. Service has always been great!”

    Beverly Tieman, Employee Benefits Supervisor, QCD Client since 1997